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Piercing Price List

All prices includes jewellery

Ear Piercing 


Lobe - From $35


Upper Lobe - $40


Helix - $50


Tragus - $60


Rook - $60 


Industrial - $100

Face Piercing

Eyebrow - $60

Nose - $50

Septum - $70

Lip - $60

Labret - $60

Tongue $60

Body Piercing


Nipple  - $60


Navel/Belly - $60


Genital - From $150



Dermal Piercing


From $100

Dermal piercing may vary depending on the locations

InkOn Tattoo Studio for piercing has a sterile environment and follows all procedures and protocols are performed that is required by the guidelines and strict policy that is set by Auckland council. We use single use needles and surgical grade stainless steel tools and jewellery as base option for piercing.  


As for our piercer of InkOn Tattoo Studio, IDA has been in piercing industry since 2005. You will be surprised how fast she is from the start to the end of piercing procedures. 


Saying that, we are a walk in shop for piercing but depending on the availability you may have to wait 5~10 minutes if you do not have a booking.


Consent from a parent or legal guardian is required for any piercings if you are under the age of 16. ID proof of age may be required if without a consenting parent. 


95 Queen Street

CBD Auckland


Ph 09 3030 666

Ph 021-1011-944

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