We are Auckland tattoo studio in the Heart of Auckland CBD. 
We provide a friendly environment as well as outstanding art. 
Walk-ins are welcome.

Tattoo & Piercing Auckland


At InkOn Tattoo, we are dedicated to provide you the comfort, safety and positive experience while under the hands of experienced, top-notch artists. We believe that tattooing is a service and that every customer deserves to be met with friendliness, respect and an open mind. Doing so we will make you feel greater when you go out of our studio with a new tattoo and a positive experience that you will never forget.


With experienced artists from all around the world, they have numerous experience that will be able to create an art for you and you only. Our artists excel in multiple styles of tattooing and meet anyone’s desire to a high standard quality that you will not disappoint.


We are language friendly as well. We speak English, Korean, Japanese and Spanish!

Our licensed premises follow hospital grade standards when it comes to hygiene and health regulations and the best technology we use ensures a perfect tattoo every time.


We welcome all the enquires and let us help you to design your first or next tattoo. Book or walk in to our studio for your tattoo consult. 



We have talented artists that can achieve your desired tattoo into a masterpiece. Choose your artists that will help with your design of your next tattoo. Each artist is capable of doing every tattoo but they do have specialties such as Oriental, Polynesian, Realism or freestyle script tattoos. 


95 Queen Street

CBD Auckland


Ph 09 3030 666

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